European and Asian shares fell sharply along with U.S indices as a change in Bank of Japan’s monetary policy lead to a stronger Yen. Copper recovered after a one month low as the dollar declined.

The Stoxx Europe 600 dropped for the first time after rising from the past three days consecutively. Japan’s Topix was hit majorly in two weeks along with its 10 year bond yield which plunged since January as the BOJ announced the release of a new program comprising of exchange fund purchases. Yen looked strongest in the currency basket when compared to other currencies.

However, a senior strategist has stated that there might be still some hope for gain if the U.S data shows some improvement. The effect of this happening continued to affect other stocks and the details of these changes are as follows.


Stoxx 600 fell by 0.77 in London whereas Standard & Poor’s 500 Index fell by 0.5%. MSCI Asia Pacific Index declined by0.7% . Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index by 0.5% and Australia’s S&P/ASX 200 Index lost 1.5%.

While the stocks are on their all time lows, precious metals such as copper and gold and currencies such as yen are expected to fare rather well!