U.S markets saw a mixed reaction of stocks on Thursday as investors expected the U.S payroll report release on Friday.

Twitter shares closed at $28.30 which amounts to an increase by 1.7%. The reason for this rise is the appointment of a new CEO on Friday. The company’s board of directors meeting was expected to be held on Thursday.

The micro blogging company is considering external candidates for the position and names like Padmasree Warrior (Ex Cisco Executive) and Jim Lanzone (Interactive) are being considered. Additionally, Adam Bain, Twitter’s Chief Revenue Officer is also being considered for this post.

Indices such as Dow Jones Industrial gained 1% and closed at 16,374.76, S&P 500 Index closed at 1,951.13 and NASDAQ Composite Index closed lower by 1 % at 4,733.50.

Technology stocks namely Apple and EBay also declined by 4.2% and 1.8% respectively. The closing amount for Apple was $110.37 whereas EBay closed at $27.04!