A statement released by Amazon.com after closing on Wednesday mentioned that the Board of Directors has authorized repurchase of $5 Billion Common Stocks of the Company.

It will replace the $2 Billion buyback program that was set up earlier. This news later resulted in an around 2% hike in Stocks, as suggested by the after-hour trading headlines.

This plan hints at the fact that Amazon.com can repurchase its stock shares every now and then, thus aiming at positively enhancing the shareholder worth. The market experts are finding it to be a recovery process post the company reported some major losses in the stocks in past few months, which have roughly accounted to around 28% down since the last rise on December 29 last year.

How Amazon.com Plans to Boost Stocks with this Move?

It is not going to be a deal with fixed tenure; rather purchases will be made from time to time through one of more open market evaluations, transactions negotiated via private media and those through banking institutions. This will thus, turn out to be an open-ended repurchase process.

Amazon Stocks last posted a rise in the month of December, which was estimated at $696.44. As for the losses, the most recent downfall was reported on Tuesday with a fall of $474 in the day time. This news of mounting of Stocks after the buyback announcement is actually the kind of effect the company hopes to receive with its repurchases. As for the collective report on Stocks of Amazon.com, the shares are definitely down for this year by around 27.4%.

Amazon.com is a brand name to look up to, so it is apparent that it will not be hit down massively by these temporary slumps. However, a major comeback plan is what the Company needed at this moment and this buyback program is expected to do the need full.